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Who we are...

We are a German, internationally operating family company which specializes 
in trade and service for concrete mixing/batching plants. 

What can we offer? 

- Care, maintenance, assembly and dismantling of existing concrete mixing plants, 
  in collaboration with our partners and specialists of the Tublorom 

- Exclusive delivery of spares and equipment, from the production of the german brand PEMAT. 
  In addition, as a partner, we are also able to offer you factory new and high quality concrete mixing plants 
  at very competitive prices of our brand Tublomix . 

Also we can redesign existing equipment, or construct new ones according to your wishes, as well as fully implement your projects. 

Our business fields:
- delivery of factory new mixing/batching plants of our 
  mobile Tublomix  concrete mixing plants 
- logistic service 
- organization and realizing of dismantling, assembly, 
  and commissioning of concrete mixing/batching plants 
- delivery of spare parts  
- trading with used constructing machines 
  and constructing plants / equipment 

Used- or new plants/machinery

You are in good hands by us , in the field of mixing technique! 
With our more than 20 years expierence we can show numerous 
of succesfully realized projects.

Under the category „our references“ you can see some examples. 
Don't hesitate and contact us still today. 
We will care as soon as possible about your matter!

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